What does P.S. really mean? PS Slang Word Defination with Example

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PS Slang Meaning

is one of the widely used slang word. Depending upon the context the  meaning of PS could be different. Toady I am going to in depth analysis of Slang Word PS.

Meaning of PS

P.S is an abbreviation of post script/ post scriptum.It is derived from latin word  post scriptum. Post means the one that is written after. So it is additional text added at the end of a letters, book or other document.It is used when you write a text message on a phone/email or postcard ,letter and you forgot to mention an important information.It is used when you have completed writing a letter and at very end of letter you realize to add something.So in this case Post script (PS) is written at the extreme end of letter/communication, even after salutation.

Why we use PS

we mention PS in our document in order to indicate something that we actually forgot or left out in the main content so that we are adding it after the main script.It is an extra information writer would like to add about the content incase if they forget to include in middle or begining of content.

History of PS

PS was initially used by type-writers who couldn’t edit the content once it was typed.So they used to write PS at the end of document.

Usage of PS

It is used at the end of HAND WRITTEN letters and documents.Nowadays it is used Everywhere from Text message to Email not only in paper Document.


“Many many happy returns of the day my lovely friend julie, today you have turned sweet 19. I wish you a better and prosperous life ahead.”

P.S. Don’t forget to give Party Tonight.

There are some additional meaning of PS too

  1. Public school
  2. public Services
  3. playStation
  4. Police station
  5. Power Supply